Expiry date. What is the shelf life of candies and lollipops?

Hard boiled candies and lollipops are microbiologically very stable products. . The percentage of water is very low (< 2%), the pH is low too, between 2 and 3 units, and they are cooked at really high temperatures. All that make that there is no expiry date for them.

QUALITY. Which Quality Certificates do we have?

We manufacture under the ISO 9001, HACCP, BRC and we will have soon the IFS.

Diabetes. Our products, are they suitable for diabetics?

Our sugar free products are produced with Isomalt that is one of the sweeteners with a lowest glycemic index in the market and are completed with a mix of intensive sweeteners as Acesulfame K and Sucralose, also with a very low glycemic acid. This formula is ok for the Diabetics that are type I and type II. It is necessary to know that an excessive consumption may have laxative effects.

GLUTEN. Are our products suitable for celiacs?

None of our products has gluten. We ask our suppliers certificates of allergens for all the raw materials we buy and we do not buy any of them with gluten in order to avoid any possible crossed contamination. We do periodical analysis of our products in order to guarantee that our products are  gluten-free.  

Ingredients. Which are the ingredients of the candies and lollipops?

The ingredients of our hard boiled sweets and lollipops are mainly, more than 98%,  sugar and  glucose. The rest of ingredients are present in a really small perecentage and are citric acid, aromas and colours. There are other ingredients that can be used for special formulas as honey, plant extracts, chocolate, fizzy powder, caffeine, vitamins,  etc