Pharmacy Candy

Did you know we are specialists in the manufacture of pharmacy candy? Discover now our full product catalogue and choose the one that best suits your business.

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Caramelos Cerdán takes care of you and your family’s health

If something is clear to us, it is that eating a sweet is more than just a moment of pleasure. At Caramelos Cerdán we believe this moment can be used to contribute to people’s well-being.

Pharmacy range. Sugar-free candy, with vitamins and minerals

We have been specialists in hard candy for over 100 years, and for several decades have been offering sugar-free candy or candy containing vitamins to provide a high-quality product, which is why important pharmaceutical companies choose us to manufacture their functional candy and medical devices.

We also manufacture candy containing vitamins, minerals and plant extracts, developing functional products together with our customers. Take a look at the list of extracts and discover all the possibilities. Extracts available


Which pharmacy candy and lollipop brands are the most popular?

Candyfense is currently our most revolutionary product. It is a candy and food product enriched with vitamins (C, B6, B12), zinc and echinacea that contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system.

Which are the flavours of our sugar-free and vitamin pharmacy candy?

Our range of sugar-free candy flavours goes from our usual assortment of FLASHMINTS boxes of eucalyptus-menthol, lemon-melissa or green apple, to our raspberry, orange and lemon-flavoured Candyfense lollipops.

Is it possible to find pharmacy sugar-free lollipops at Caramelos Cerdán?

Of course, in our wide range of pharmacy candy products we manufacture candy and lollipops that are sugar-free, with vitamins and minerals, as well as plant extracts and other properties chosen by the pharmaceutical companies with which we work.

Why choose Caramelos Cerdán to buy my pharmacy candy?

Caramelos Cerdán is synonymous with quality assurance and prestige. We are a family business manufacturing hard candy, with sugar and sugar-free, founded in 1914.
One of our main concerns has always been to offer highest quality products. Therefore, in addition to the best raw materials, we implement an exhaustive control throughout the entire production process, and therefore have the most demanding quality certifications, ISO 9001, BRC Grade A, IFS Higher Level.