Promotional candy

If you are looking for several styles of personalized lollipops, chocolates and candies, contact us. At Caramelos Cerdán we are manufacturers of candies.

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Personalised candy: our sweetest range

Our wide range of products includes a wide variety of candy ranging from the classic traditional candies to lollipops, candy on a stick, heart-shaped, sugar-free, etc. We also manufacture organic and/or fair-trade candies as well as others containing vitamins.

Our family of promotional products has been increasing year by year and for a long time we have also being offering advertising chocolate, from the classic Neapolitan chocolate squares to different size bonbons. We also offer personalised gifts, cards with Neapolitan squares, boxes with chocolates, candy stands.

We have been in the personalised, advertising, or promotional candy business for over 30 years, being one of the leading manufacturers in Spain and Europe.
In fact, we export to over 35 countries and, for more than 15 years, we have been exhibiting at the PSI trade show in Düsseldorf, the most important promotional products fair in Europe. Promotional candy is one of our main areas of business.

Major companies and agencies in Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, specialising in personalised candy are among our clients.

What are the flavours of our personalised candies?

The flavours we offer for personalised candy range from our usual assortment of cherry, lemon, tangerine, apple and cola, to mint, coffee, toffee, salmiak (salt liquorice), watermelon, fruits of the forest, blackberry, peach, pear, liquorice, natural honey, etc.

We also have our own laboratory that can develop new flavours together with our customers.

What can I personalise in my sweets?

Personalisation of candy includes various types of packaging and original design wrappers that will make your brand look and shine with a light of its own. Ranging from the classic personalised double-twist candies to the promotional lollipop and the classic candy on a stick. We also offer you bags and display stands of various sizes and styles that can also be customised.
One of the main features and advantages we offer over our competitors is that we have our own Design and Printing departments that can help you choose the image that best suits your personalised confectionery item. In addition to the agility and flexibility that this means, resulting in highly reduced delivery times and minimum quantities when printing our own paper.

Caramelos Cerdán: a guarantee of quality and prestige

We are a family business founded in 1914 with which we have more than a century of experience.

One of our main concerns has always been to offer the highest quality products. Therefore, in addition to the best raw materials, we implement an exhaustive control throughout the entire production process.

We have the most demanding quality certifications, ISO 9001, BRC Grade A, IFS Higher Level, which make us one of the few promotional candy manufacturers in Europe with such certifications.