Cookies policy

The purpose of this cookie policy is to inform you clearly and precisely about the cookies used on the website.

Last Update: February 3, 2021.

At CARAMELOS CERDAN, S.L., we respect your privacy and we take our responsibility to protect it very seriously. To better understand who visits our Websites, we use cookies and similar technologies (collectively, “Cookies”) on our websites (collectively, Cookies).

Cookies, online tracking technologies and choices available to you
“Cookies” are a technology commonly used on the Internet that allows us to personalize your online experience according to your preferences, provide functionalities of the Website, track and analyze the use and operation of the Website, facilitate the prevention of fraud and improve security, as well as assist the use of personalized advertising.
We use session Cookies which are temporary Cookies that are deleted from your device’s memory when you close your Internet browser or turn off your computer. We also use persistent Cookies which, unless you delete them first, are stored on your device until they expire. We may also store data in your browser locally.
You have the option to accept or reject some Cookies from our Website, either through our Cookie Preference Manager or through your browser settings, as described below.

Cookie Preference Manager

You can find our Cookie Preference Manager by clicking on this link.
We have grouped the browser Cookies on our Website into three categories, depending on how we use them and the options you can choose:

Mandatory cookies:

These Cookies are necessary for the execution of basic functions of this Website, such as enabling images to load or allowing you to select your Cookie preferences.
We use Necessary Cookies for the following reasons:

Authentication and Login.
When you sign in to one of our Websites using your personal Wacom Account, we store the time you signed in and a unique identification number in an encrypted Cookie on your device. This Cookie allows you to move between the different pages of our Websites without having to log in again on each page. You can also save your login details so that you do not have to enter them each time you visit our Websites.

We use Cookies to detect fraud and abuse on our Websites and in our services.

Store Information You Enter on a Website.
When you enter information or add applications, products, software or services to a shopping cart when shopping on our Websites, we store data in a Cookie to remember the products and information you have added and/or your online interactions with us.

Functional and Analytical Cookies:

These Cookies allow us to analyze your use of our Websites so that we can evaluate and improve our performance. They may also be used to provide a better user experience on our Websites. Through our Cookie Preferences link, you may have the option to either include these Cookies in your user preferences or to decline them. Please note that if you reject them, you may not be able to have some important functions of the Website that depend on these Cookies. We use Functional and Analytical Cookies to:

Perform Analysis.
To provide our products, software and services, we use Cookies and other identifiers to collect usage and performance data and to optimize the operation of our Websites. For example, we use Cookies to count the number of unique visitors to a web page or service and to develop other statistics about the operations of our products, software and services. This includes Cookies from third party analytics providers.

Store Your Preferences and Settings.
We may store certain settings on your device that allow our products to function properly or maintain your preferences over time. We may save preferences such as device (i.e. desktop, laptop or mobile device), language, browser and media player settings so that they do not need to be reset each time you return to our Websites. If you choose to opt out of receiving interest-based advertising, we will store your preference in a Cookie on your device.

Share Content on Social Networks.
Some of our Websites include social network Cookies, including those that allow users who are logged in to a social network service to share content through said service.

Receive Comments.
We use Cookies to enable you to send us feedback about our Websites.

Offer technical support.
We use Cookies to facilitate the management of interactions between you and our technical support service.

Advertising Cookies:

We may use these Cookies for the purpose of sharing data with advertisers so that the advertisements you see are more relevant to your interests, to allow you to share certain pages on social networks or to allow you to post comments on our Websites. As in the case of Functional and Analytical Cookies, through our Cookie Preferences link, you may have both the option to include these Cookies in your user preferences and to reject them. We use Advertising Cookies for the following:

Show Interest-Based Advertising.
We use Cookies to collect data about your online activities and to identify your interests, in order to be able to offer you the advertising that best corresponds to them. You can opt out of receiving interest-based advertising through our Cookie Preferences Manager.

Analyze and Manage Advertising.
We use Cookies to record how many visitors have clicked on an advertisement, and to record which advertisements you have seen so that you do not see the same ones over and over again.

Browser Settings

How to allow/disable cookies
As indicated above, you can set your preferences in relation to analytical, functional and advertising Cookies through the Cookie Preferences link on our Websites available a class=”cli_settings_button” style=”width: auto; float: initial; color: rgb(51, 51, 51);”>here.

Alternatively, most Internet browsers allow you to block or delete Cookies from your browser. If you do not agree to the use of Cookies, you can disable or delete them by following the instructions for your browser from among those indicated here: , or use automatic tools to disable them if you have them. However, some of our Websites will not function properly if Cookies are disabled.

How to control and delete cookies through the browser
You can prevent the storage of Cookies by making a corresponding setting in your browser software. You can follow the instructions provided by your browser (which are usually located in the “Help”, “Tools” or “Edit” sections of the browser toolbar or options).

How to opt out of personalized advertising
You can generally opt out of receiving personalized advertising from third-party advertisers and ad networks that are part of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) or follow the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising. by visiting the respective opt-out pages available on the NAI and DAA websites.

More information about Advertising Cookies
We may use remarketing Cookies from certain audiovisual advertising service providers. These Cookies are intended to display advertisements to users of third-party websites who have previously visited one of our Websites. For this purpose, we collect information that is displayed and generated when a certain user has visited specific parts of our Websites. This information will be linked to a marketing Cookie (a text file that is stored on your device by the audiovisual advertising service provider). When you visit other websites, you may be shown targeted advertisements regarding our offerings that are based on your previous visit to our Websites.
We have also integrated corresponding conversion tags on our Websites. These tags use Cookies stored on your device by the audiovisual advertising service provider. When a user clicks on an advertisement leading to our Websites, a temporary Cookie is stored on the user’s device. When you complete a certain action on our Websites, such as making a purchase or requesting information, this Cookie will be recognized and a conversion will be recorded.
When you access our preference manager, the ad networks listed in that preference manager will set session Cookies to set your preferences if you opt out of receiving interest-based advertising. If you delete Cookie information from your browser, doing so will delete all Cookies, including Cookies to opt out of receiving advertising set by companies. You will need to access the ad opt-out tool again to reset your preferences. Only the most recent setting of your preferences is recorded in our Cookie Preferences tool and does not always reflect the current state of Cookies in your browser.

Cookies that have been installed previously
If you have disabled one or more Cookies, we may continue to use information collected by Cookies before you disabled Cookies or made other changes to your preferences. However, when you disable the use of certain Cookies in the configuration of your preferences, we will stop using the disabled Cookies to continue collecting information unless, of course, you change your preferences to enable the use of said Cookies.

Flash cookies
The videos and other features of our Website use Flash Cookies to collect and store your preferences, e.g. eg volume. Some Cookies may be installed by third-party service providers who perform some of these functions for us.
Flash Cookies differ from browser Cookies in the amount, type and form of data storage. Flash Cookies may not be removed by our Cookie Preferences Manager and the Cookie management tools offered by your browser. Learn how to manage Flash Cookie storage and privacy settings by clicking here.

Server log files:
When you visit our Websites, we also automatically collect server log file information. Such information includes IP address, browser type, referring and exiting Web Pages, and your operating system. We use this information to better understand how our Website works and how our users interact with it, as well as to help prevent fraud and improve security.