Cerdán range

Candies, with or without a stick, lollipops, filled with chewing gum or soda, also without sugar, are some of the products that we offer at Caramelos Cerdán within our range of mass consumption.

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The Caramelos Cerdán range is our most personal proposal: candies and assorted lollipops created by us. The result of teamwork where our R&D&I department, designers and sales team develop the latest market trends.


You will find a wide variety of flavours, from the classic ones like cherry or cola to more surprising ones like Energy or more refreshing ones such as watermelon or piña colada.

Furthermore, you will find our candies and lollipops in fun shapes: feet, hands, shoulders, balls, hearts and even bears!

There are always some surprises, with fizzy sherbet filled or coated candies, and if our fizzy sherbet packets aren’t enough for you then your pocket will explode with flavour!

Which are the most popular kinds of lollipop in the Cerdán range?

Both our candies and our cherry lollipop filled with Conde Drácula gum is a classic that both Millennials and Baby Boomers will recall. Apart from being spooky, it is no doubt our most popular product.

Ramzy Fizzy Gum is a family of coated very sour lollipops, only for the most daring! There are loads of flavours, but watch out! Some will also stain your tongue!

Our packets of foot dips, a foot-shaped lollipop that you can dip in fizzy sherbet is also one of our most well-known products, in addition to being delicious.

 Where can I find Cerdán range candies and assorted lollipops?

Every year we attend the international ISM trade show in Cologne, where we have established solid partnerships with companies all over the world and are currently present in more than 35 countries. For decades we have been operating in countries like Italy, France, Israel or the United Kingdom and in recent years we have extended our business in Asian and Arab countries such as China, Korea or Kuwait. We are one of the candy companies in Spain with greatest international experience.

Check out your favourite sweet, lollipop or Cerdán goodies at your usual point of sale or on Amazon.